Lyanda is the author of four books:

The Urban Bestiary: Encountering the Everyday Wild
In The Urban Bestiary, acclaimed nature writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt journeys into the heart of the everyday wild, where coyotes, raccoons, chickens, hawks, and humans live in closer proximity than ever before. Haupt’s observations bring compelling new questions to light: Whose “home” is this? Where does the wild end and the city begin? And what difference does it make to us as humans living our everyday lives? In this wholly original blend of science, story, myth, and memoir, Haupt draws us into the secret world of the wild creatures that dwell among us in our urban neighborhoods, whether we are aware of them or not. With beautiful illustrations and practical sidebars on everything from animal tracking to opossum removal, The Urban Bestiary, is a lyrical book that awakens wonder, delight, and respect for the urban wild, and our place within it.

Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom From the Urban Wilderness
“A completely charming and informative book on the pleasures of keeping one’s eyes open.” -David Sedaris

“With her sensitivity, careful eye and gift for language, Haupt tells her tale beautifully, using crow study to get at a range of ever-deepening concerns about nature and our place within it, immersing us in a heady hybrid of science, history, how-to and memoir.”
-Erika Schickel, Los Angeles Times, July 26, 2009

“Haupt captures crows wonderfully in elegant prose and weaves a thoughtful tale that connects them… to our growing awareness of our kinship to, and dependence on, the rest of life.”
-Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven

“If you picture Henry David Thoreau as a young mother and scientist in suburban Seattle, you can begin to imagine the literate elegance of Crow Planet. Lyanda Haupt has spun the natural life of neighborhoods, and most poignantly the surpassing intelligence of crows, into the kind of gold only the most gifted writer and naturalist could fashion. Crow Planet is a small treasure, a conversion experience of truth, wit, and re-enchantment that remakes the world and our place within it.”
-Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and Natural Capitalism

“The fiction (sometimes the hope!) that you can escape from nature by living in the city is as sad as it is widespread. This book will remind you to open your eyes to the mundane–it will make the city a far richer place for you.”
-Bill McKibben, author of The Bill McKibben Reader

Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent
“Ultimately Haupt’s portrait is of a devastatingly sensitive man who teaches himself to approach the world with a profound humility.”
- Anthony Doerr, The Boston Globe

“Informative and charming… Haupt channels her hands-on experiences into appealing images and engaging vignettes.”
- Kirkus

Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds
Winner, 2002 Washington State Book Award

Her work has appeared in many other publications including Image, Open Spaces, Wild Earth Journal, Conservation Biology Journal, Birdwatchers Digest, and The Prairie Naturalist.